Nautilus Maldives - Where Time Stands Still!

A tantalizing slice of freedom in the Maldives’ stunning Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Nautilus offers life unbound. Every visitor in Nautilus Maldives discovers life’s rarest treasures. Gifts that money cannot buy – time, freedom, refuge.

This collection of 26 immensely private beach and ocean houses exists beyond the bounds of time. It is a place where nothing is fixed, and anything is possible. Where you are free to set your own beat.

Free to do – and to be – as you please.

The Nautilus is driven by a philosophy of offering guests total liberation.

Most of all, The Nautilus was created to express a personal vision of the best that luxury can be — not just in the Maldives, but worldwide.

The Nautilus stands for complete freedom and luxury that’s both simple and elegant. Its philosophy is a world of your making, with the belief that a private island is where guests are free to do and behave as they would if it were their own island, so they can experience a true escape from their normal lives. To make that happen, the island philosophy includes a number of hallmarks.

The first is: time stands still, ensuring guests aren’t slaves to the clock in the way they are in their everyday lives. This means flexible opening and closing hours in restaurants, so you can eat whenever you like.

There’s the possibility of not having appointment times at the spa, so you can have a massage whenever — and wherever — you feel you need one.

 The second hallmark is unscripted dining, meaning guests can order whatever they want and aren’t limited to what’s on the menu. Another hallmark is a free-spirited experience, which simply means that the resort doesn’t set rules.

There are no dress codes and no need for anyone to do anything other than simply focus on being happy. Nautilus Maldives places an emphasis on truly getting to know guests, so that the staff know, even before the guests do, what they may feel like doing and when. Guests can expect to meet the outstanding House Captains (butlers) who’ll craft a plan depending on exactly what they want to do.

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