Small Yet Serene – Maayaafushi

Located in northern Ari Atoll, Maayafushi embodies all the features that can make a small space unique.

Crystal clear waters and pristine beaches frame the resort.

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The wild vegetation and the seabed inhabited by the most diverse species of fishes, makes Maayaafushi a perfect getaway to immerse in the bliss of nature.

Maayaafushi, and it’s proximity to the neighboring dive sites, make it the perfect destination for divers from all over the world, from the most experienced to those who want to dive for the first time in the dreamy depths of Maldives.

Carry yourself away with the magic of the Maayaafushi,the waves of the sea spreading themselves on a beach of white sand and the sun that rises and plunges into the horizon.

The mood of Maayafushi is felt in every ambient, full of joy, fun and love.

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