Family or Honeymoon? Go with Bandos Island Resort

In the middle of the Indian Ocean sits the island of Bandos - A picture perfect paradise hidden away from life's everyday stresses. The clear blue water, vibrant plant life and white sandy beaches create an immediate feeling of tranquility.

From the moment you arrive you will see first hand  the friendly, attentive service that has earned Bandos the reputation of the ‘Island of Hospitality’.

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Bandos Island Resort’s top-notch service combined with the warm and friendly staff will make you feel right at home.

From the geographical location and layout of the island to the way, Bandos Island Resort is suitable for honeymooners seeking privacy as well as families.

The resort offers a wide range of choice for accommodation, dining and boasts an array of facilities including but not limited to spa, water sports and a Kids Club.

The resort is committed to providing the best holiday experience not just for adults but for kids too.

Couples can enjoy worry-free alone-time leaving their little ones in the capable hands of professional babysitters at the Kids Club, where babysitting services are free of charge for children 3 to 12 year of age, from 8am to 5pm.

The Kids Club is well equipped to suit the needs of children and has a nursery and a big playground where children can play freely, socialize with other kids and enjoy various exciting outdoor activities such as treasure hunting, gardening, painting, crab hunting etc. organized just for them.

Your children are happy doing what they love to do best while you enjoy the luxuries of a beautiful resort. What more could you ask for? So expand your notion of vacation beyond the regular holiday experience and make it truly memorable for you and your family by staying at Bandos Island Resort with Capital Travel and Tours.

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