A Take on Westinn Miriandhoo

Anywhere you go in The Maldives you’ll find a tropical backdrop of palm trees, white sandy beaches and clear, turquoise waters. Miriandhoo is no different, but the vibe of the resort is sophisticated and understated in its luxury. 

The resort occupies a 14-acre island and feels vast and spacious and high ceilings, wide doors and simple lines make it feel like there’s just so much room to breathe. The decor around the resort is marine-inspired and features organic shapes that are reminiscent of clamshells, waves and fish. Earthy colours are used throughout and natural materials such as rattan rugs and woven baskets provide simple embellishments. 

Communal spaces such as a library and lounge area are comfortable and welcoming enough for you to actually hang out in rather than just admire.

Location is also key to this resort’s allure, which sits in the Baa Atoll, a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Baa Atoll supports one of the largest groups of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and is home to over 1,200 fish species and animals including hawksbill turtles, manta rays and whale sharks. 

Spot the marine life in the crystal clear waters while sitting on the deck and see schools of rainbow-coloured fish swimming by and even dolphins further into the distance.

The resort practices a unique approach to sustainability. From the design of the hotel through to waste management, recycling and future initiatives, Westin is actively working to preserve and nurture the environment that surrounds it. 

All of the buildings on the resort are built with sustainability in mind and care has been taken to select materials that are also sustainable, such as engineered and treated fast-growing timber which was used for decking instead of rare and endangered teak wood.

Ceramic products also replaced real stone and marble for floors, pools and bathrooms. You’ll find solar panels on many of the resort’s flat rooftops and executive chef Jason Millar shared his plans to use some of these spaces for hydroponic cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Wellness is a key aspect of Westin’s philosophy, which is based around 6 pillars: 

Feel Well, Work Well, Move Well, Eat Well, Sleep Well and Play Well. 

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