4 Must Do's t Kuramathi Island Resort & Spa

An epitome of luxury and grandeur, Kuramathi Island Resort & Spa in Maldives is a luxurious resort which will provide you a blissful and a memorable stay in Maldives.

Kuramathi Island Resort Maldives | A Kuoni Hotel in the Maldives

Here is a must to do list for your trip to Kuramathi Island Resort & Spa

1. Pamper Yourself With Traditional Spa

Consisting of 13 treatment rooms Kuramathi Island Resort & Spa offers you refreshing spa treatments which will cleanse your soul and provide you tranquillity. For newly married couples, they have private water pavilion massage room to provide them privacy and comfort. This lush Island resort also provides jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, herbal essence stem bath, and many other facilities that will make you fall in love with Kuramathi Island.

2. Explore The Kaleidoscopic Marine Life

Kuramathi Island resort provides their guests with thrilling adventure activities and water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving and big game fishing. One can experience the marine life of Kuramathi Island by indulging in the activities offered by the dazzling resort.

3. Hop Around The Islands

Dont take the above phrase literally because it only implies that you can explore all nearby Islands on a trip provided by the resort which includes visiting local islands, enjoying local food and souvenir shopping. Kuramathi Island Resort & Spa is a travelers paradise as it offers so many activities, facilities and provides a homelike environment.

4. Indulge In An Authentic Thai Dining Experience

Are you craving for flavors of Maldives- Kuramathi Island Resort provides authentic local food in one of their restaurants called Siam Garden which provides food from four different regions of Thailand. Not only Siam Garden but there are many dining areas available for all travelers who are looking for an exclusive dining experience and they can head to the bars, the coffee shop, the Tandoor Mahal, the Reef, an the Island Barbecue which is the highlight of the resort.

To book your stay, contact Capital Travel and Tours.

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