An Exotic Getaway - Dhigufaru Island Resort

Nestled on the protected Biosphere reserve of Baa Atoll, Dhigufaru Island meaning “a long reef”, is the epitome of what you would imagine as an exotic getaway. 

Dhigufaru Island Resort - Budget Maldives

Whether you like to kick back, relax & take in the magnificent, stunning beauty of the island and surrounding reef, or if you looking for a more action pack, exotic adventure, Dhigufaru Island Resort offers the perfect balance of both. 

Prep up for a wholly new experience, one that allows you to discover the duality of Maldives natural beauty, under water, and above water. 

Dhigufaru Island Resort enhances you with an opportunity like no other; one that gives you the choice, to be as busy or as quiet as you want.

To book your stay at Dhigufaru Island Resort contact Capital Travel and Tours.

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