Pure Luxury at ROBINSON CLUB Maldives

 A beautiful island in the middle of the Indian ocean, amazing blue seas, and white beaches — all the ingredients for your perfect holiday. 

The resort’s grounds cover the 107,000 m² of Funamadua island in the Gaaf-Alif Atoll in southern Maldives. Located about 60 km north of the equator, the resort is surrounded by a spectacular, almost untouched coral reef (the resort’s reef is 20 to 200 m away).

Enjoy pure luxury in paradise at ROBINSON CLUB Maldives. Experience an unforgettable holiday snorkeling at our coral reef, participating in a Body & Mind course on one of the gorgeous beaches, and indulging in fine cuisine. 

Traveling with your partner? Perfect — because this is the ideal romantic getaway for couples to enjoy their time together.

To book your stay at ROBINSON CLUB Maldives contact Capital Travel and Tours.

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