Vakkaru Maldives is a timeless sanctuary for everyone!


Vakkaru Maldives Resort has unimpeded sunset views, an inviting infinity pool over the glistening blues of the Indian ocean and dedicated chef on standby offers everything you could possibly need for a perfectly peaceful holiday spent in splendid isolation.

At Capital Travel Maldives we understand that choosing your favourite location in the Maldives for your dream getaway could be overwhelming, especially with so many options to choose from. Vakkaru Maldives is a perfect getaway as it has something to offer for each of its prestigious guests.

Therapeutic relaxation

Inspired by ancient rituals infused with quality ingredients from nature alongside modern skin and beauty advancements, Vakkaru Maldives takes a holistic approach to treatments for rejuvenation, relaxation and overall mind, body and soul balance. From transcendental sound therapy sessions using crystal healing bowls to guided nature walks through our coconut forest and private sessions with renowned wellness practitioners, every day will offer all manner of ways to make you feel better than ever.


 Fitness and Yoga enthusiast

Just a few steps away from the spa, guests at Vakkaru Maldives can keep their body fit and fresh 24/7 at the overwater gym which also offers a personal trainer as well as yoga classes. The ideal setting with a picturesque view of our turquoise waters to practice Yoga. Guests are welcome to join the daily morning and evening Yoga with our in-house fitness and yoga instructor.


 Active and Sporty

Vakkaru Maldives Sportsfields are equipped with tennis, badminton and volleyball courts are one of the ideal spots on the island for fitness and sports enthusiasts on vacation.

A bike stroll through the gorgeous lush vegetation is a must when you're at Vakkaru Maldives. It's the perfect activity to do as a family for a little adventure and discovery if you want a break from the ocean.


 Marine life adventure

The abundant marine life surrounding Vakkaru Maldives is an adventure on its own to go on. You can choose to swim with the fish at a snorkelling trip or go sightseeing to catch a glimpse of the breath taking views of dolphins, turtles and even manta rays.


 Adrenaline Junky

Have you ever spun circles on the sea’s surface by jetski as the sun set? If not, it’s one of the many special maritime experiences the team at our water sports & dive centre Splash can easily arrange for you during your time atVakkaru Maldives.⁠

Kayaking is a fun alternative way to explore the turquoise waters that surround the gorgeous lagoons of Vakkaru Maldives. ⁠



Those business minded guests can choose the Remote-working package “Work Well” at Vakkaru Maldives to set up their very own pop-up Ocean Office. These personal workspaces with a view of the endless sea guarantee a stress-free end to the working week.


Dine and Wine lovers

Vakkaru Maldives specialises in providing the Maldives’ most luxurious beach break. A world of exceptional wines, fine dining, fabulous cheeses and the best cigars await within the elegant, wood-panelled splendour of Vakkaru Reserve.⁠

You can enjoy creative cocktails and Japanese delights can be enjoyed in this adults only bar above the crystal waters. And choose to dine in Vakkaru Maldives elegant open-air grill restaurant to savour the finest selection of meat and seafood grilled to perfection.⁠


To book your stay at Vakkaru Maldives contact Capital Travel and Tours.

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