Raffles Over water villa with private pool


Raffles Meradhoo Maldives is a uniquely idyllic resort brings the legendary service of Raffles, host to the well-travelled since 1887, to Gaafu Alifu, one of the world’s largest and most remote natural atolls. The result is a resort like no other. On this tranquil haven, unparalleled Raffles luxury whispers like a breeze across lush greenery and white sands, creating a space in which to realign and feel in harmony with your surroundings. 


Nature provides the backdrop for a stay in Raffles Overwater Villa. The sun sparkles on the calm, clear water of the turquoise lagoon. Myriad colours flash below the surface as fish dart across the ocean floor beneath you. The brightest stars light the night sky. It truly is the perfect setting in which to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.



Inside the Raffles villa, comfort is yours to curate. Open up the entire area to the soft breeze and sounds of the sea, or enclose the living areas for air-conditioned comfort. On your private deck with glass viewing panel over the reef, relax in your private pool and hammock, or take advantage of the ultimate privilege – stepping down from your terrace into the lucid waters of the lagoon and commune with the marine life.

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