Stargazing in the galazy of stars

 Located in the North Ari Atoll, Maayafushi embodies all the features that make this small space of Maldives unique: from the wild nature of the vegetation to the seabed inhabited by the most diverse species of fish to a passion towards stars.

In Maayafushi the manifestation of nature is not limited to the azure blue seas and the white sandy beaches.

Midnight star gazing at Maayaafushi is enough to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the celestial vault that shows itself in all its splendor.

In an attempt to understand this beauty in a deeper context, Maayaafushi was the first in Maldives to host an astronomer on board with the dual objective of research and disseminating knowledge in a clear, simple and fun way.

The Astronomy projects at Maayaafushi makes use of the collaborations of professionals and experts in the scientific-technological sector and delivers facts about the Universe and its infinite facets.

For two years, the in house astronomer and photographer Stefano Perrone, has been mapping the sky above Maayaafushi to capture nature and aspirations that conspire while star gazing.

This is the perfect place for anyone who loves to admire the universe and, shot after shot, be amazed as if it were always the first time.

In addition to the distinguishing celestial projects, Maayafushi is where colored fauna covers the coral reef - a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts who want to see the best of the underwater sights.

The beach bungalows of Maayaafushi are built in Maldivian style and sits serenely under the shade of the palm vegetation which grows dense over the whole island while the over-water bungalows allow direct access to the ocean for a picture perfect experience.

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