Special tales of Stars sprinkled over the beaches of Maldives


Capital Travel Maldives invites you to take evoking pictures of white sands, lush greenery of tropical palm trees and crystal turquoise waters, with an added sprinkles of something special to your picture-perfect holiday. Yes, we are talking about the glowing beaches of the Maldives by the Bioluminescent Planktons.

If you plan to catch the breathtaking view of the bioluminescent plankton for yourself then there are variety of locations in Maldives where this phenomenon occurs. Fortunately, most of the locations are in Maldives resorts where you can spend your vacations in luxury settings. The Maldives is popular for the pristine islands with shining white beaches and its abundant marine life and almost all islands have come across this phenomenon once in a while. High season for spotting the plankton is mid-summer through to winter but it can appear at any time.

This phytoplankton is bioluminescent and as the skies get darker after sunset, these microscopic planktons emit a bright vibrant blue light in the water which creates an ethereal effect. This phenomenon makes the waves glow as they gently splash over the beach and is the ideal place to spend your time after sundown in the Maldives. The best time to visit the Glowing Beach when the sea remains comparatively warmer due to the summer season. The warm, tropical, coastal weather is the perfect condition for the planktons to thrive and glow brightly.

The best time to get a witness the glowing beach in the Maldives is mid-summer through to winter. However, there are no guarantees that you will see the beach come alight. Consider yourself lucky, if you see something like this.


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