Resorts with best Spa in Maldives


It goes without saying that a spa holiday is a great way to relax and de-stress. If you’re unable to select a destination, we are here with the perfect solution.

A Spa Holiday in Maldives!

What could possibly be better than a Spa Holiday in the island paradise Maldives?

Allowing yourself the time to wind down and relax amid crystal clear waters and silent sandy beaches has so many additional benefits, in comparison to an alternative spa break which leaves you with clear mind and increased productivity. In its simplest form, the serenity and contentment of the whole experience is amplified.

Maldives is home to multiple award winning spas which has gained recognition all across the globe for their authentic therapies. Our experienced team has highlighted the best spas across Maldives and their specialties.

Read through for an insight on the best treatments and therapies available at the luxury resorts of Maldives.

Velassaru spa is noteworthy for the overwater treatment rooms, hydropool over the lagoon and steam relaxation rooms while the world renowned spa at One and Only by ESPA embosses a range of innovative elements and a combination of western medicine and Ayurvedic Treatments.   

In contrast, Maldives Spa at Kuramathi Island is famous for their natural products which recreates the traditions on Europe, Indonesia and Thailand.  

A spa holiday in Maldives offers a great opportunity to separate yourself from life’s everyday stressors and have some precious ‘me time’.

Bespoke luxury at your doorstep, the Four Seasons Resort offers massage services and spa treatments at the untouched wilderness in the midst of Maldivian waters. Here the Western beauty treatments meets the Eastern health therapy inspired by Indian Ayurveda. Special body renewal processes are designed to cleanse the immune system and increase the sense of wellbeing. The Retreat also overlooks private yoga sessions that help relax the mind and balance the body.

The spa talk would be incomplete without highlighting the one of its kind, The Underwater LIME Spa in Huvafenfushi Maldives. Yes, this spa is actually built underwater, yielding you with the luxury of watching fishes pass by as you get your treatment – an experience like no other. Luxury in its truest essence, the famous Pure Massage and Teresa Tarmey Treatments at LIME Spa are bound to make you leave all your worries behind and forget about the burdens of life.

Treat yourself with an authentic spa therapy in Maldives and reconnect with life and it’s truest pleasures to pamper your mind, body and spirit with a 360 degree rejuvenation of your soul.

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