Maamutaa Mermaids of the Maldivian FantaSea



This experience is great for those that are looking to have fun in an underwater photo session at Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Resort’s main pool and crate some memorable and Instagrammable moments.

This is perfect for any teenager or adult that is looking to create some magical moments. But don’t worry, if your kids want to have an encounter with the mermaids of Mammutaa and capture that unique moment that can be organized too!


Are you ready to become a mermaid?

Mermaids have landed in the shores of Maamutaa island and you’ll able to spot them around the resort. But that’s not all, you can live your fantasea of becoming a mermaid too!

At Pullman Maldives has thought outside the box to create unique experiences for young and adults alike! That’s why Pullman Maldives has announced Padi Mermaid program for the guests and become the first Mermaid Resort in the Maldives. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn how to become a mermaid while you’re on vacation and get a certification too!



This is your unique opportunity to be one of the few people getting access to the recently launched PADI program.

The PADI Mermaid program is a stand-alone program like the PADI Freediver program, but the good thing is that it doesn’t require you to have a scuba or freediver certification. This program is thought for the water-enthusiasts who are looking to explore their underwater passion by learning the abilities of mythical mermaids. Starting from little kids of 6 years old to women and men, this will be a unique experience.

There are 4 different courses and levels you can choose from, starting from beginner to advance level.

Discover mermaid experience course at Pullman Maldives is meant for those who just want to try the feeling of transforming into a mermaid and swimming wearing our stunning mermaid tails.

A recognition will be given at the end of the session, this will be your first PADI mermaid diploma.

If you love this experience and you’re ready to go one step further and become a certified mermaid, you can enroll in any of the following courses: PADI Basic mermaid course or PADI Mermaid course.



If you enjoyed the Discover mermaid experience at Pullman Maldives, this is the first step to become a real certified PADI mermaid. This course is the perfect start towards a new underwater adventure. Through a combination of a bit of theory and 1 practical pool session, by the end of this course you will get the basics knowledge and will be certified as PADI Basic Mermaid as proof of your newly acquired magical powers!




If you want to keep progressing you mermaid skills, this will be the next level. This is a full course to become a certified PADI mermaid, including 2 knowledge development sessions and 2 confined water sessions in the pool, where Pullman Maldives instructors teach cool skills!


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