Discover the Secrets of Indian Ocean at Bathala Resort

Bathala island in the Maldives, is home to the Sandies Bathala Resort situated in a privileged position where the waters boast a remarkable richness and variety of fish species.

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15 minutes by seaplane from Malé International Airport, Sandies Bathala Resort is a remote tropical island getaway full of serenity and its own uncomplicated charm, boasting a simple style, perfect for families, friends and couples as well as diving enthusiasts.

Surrounded by pristine white beaches and coral reefs, Bathala offers easy access to many famous reefs or thila, including the protected marine reserves of Maaya Thila and Fish Head.

Apart from fabulous corals and the strange creatures that live among them, the list of resident marine species round Bathala includes barracuda, turtles, rays, Napoleon wrasse and several varieties of sharks.

Bathala is also an ideal getaway for pure relaxation, a place to lie back in a hammock with a book, watch the moon rise and the sun set, sunbathe, stroll, snorkel or just spend a few quiet, uninterrupted days and nights with someone special.

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