Celebrating 32 years of service in the travel industry! We are delighted to share our journey with you throughout the years.

This year, Capital Travel Maldives celebrates its 32nd anniversary in the travel industry! The year 1990 marked the beginning of our journey, and since then, we have served more than 10,000 customers all across the globe. We take great pride in being the largest tour operator in the Maldives.
Mr. Riffath is the founder and principal owner of the Capital Group of Companies. He began his career in the tourism industry and worked in a variety of roles for over five years before establishing Capital Travel and Tours. Aside from his role as Executive Chairman, he also serves as the Group's Chief Executive Officer, with a well-resourced team under his command. Business partners and the Government of Maldives have recognized Mr. Riffath as a notable business leader and his contribution to the growth of the Maldivian economy, particularly the tourism industry.
Today, Capital Travel Maldives has a global clientele and a large network of other tour operators and travel agencies. Due to the strong relationships Capital Travel Maldives has fostered with resorts and hotels over the course of 32 years, the company is in a position to provide its customers the best available rates and a wide range of options when planning their vacation. We cater to every requirement of our clients and business partners with diligence and efficiency, utilizing a workforce of over 50 highly trained and experienced individuals who are fully committed to customer satisfaction.
Our dedication to our customers and our years of industry experience have helped us become one of the most trusted brands in the Maldivian tourism industry. We intend to achieve this vision by combining our employees and technological resources to create a cutting-edge organization that consistently provides exceptional service to our customers.

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