A Rhythmic Vacation at Outrigger Konotta

When you visit Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort, you’ll be enchanted by the sun, the sea, the soft tropical air, and the hypnotic, traditional music and dance of the Maldives. 

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Boduberu – named after tropical drums fashioned from coconut wood – is performed by dancers who’re accompanied by a singer and a trio of drummers. While the performance starts out slowly, the beat quickens, reaching a wild crescendo. It’s said that the sound of the beat is so intense, it can carry between islands.

Boduberu is thought to have come to the Maldives by slaves who brought their musical traditions with them. The beat echoes traditional East African rhythms and the lyrics of many songs are rooted in Arabic or in African languages rather than native Dhivehi. Nonetheless, many modern Boduberu performances use Dhivehi lyrics to tell stories, often based on the rich Maldivian poetic tradition known as Raivaru.

Today, Boduberu is enjoying a cultural revival throughout the islands. It has long been an entertainment staple at local weddings, religious festivals, and social gatherings. At Outrigger Konotta, you’ll see the art form’s leading performers, and this exclusive Signature Experience will give you a rare glimpse of the real Maldives. 

VIP guests enjoy the privilege of our Boduberu Outrigger Maldives Signature Experience on arrival, and all guests can experience the intensity of Boduberu at the weekly management cocktail events. 

To follow the rhythms of your heart to Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort book your stay with Capital Travel and Tours.

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