Luxurious Kudafushi for a Romantic Getaway

A “Kuda” light-filled gem in an infinite ocean of life, where the green of nature meets the crystal clear water while the white coral beach defines the border.

Kudafushi Resort & Spa, Raa Atoll, Maldives -

A small paradise to live and feel the real vibrations of nature in a warm and friendly atmosphere

Kudafushi Resort and Spa is within the area of Meedhoo Harbor and Maduvvari Harbor. 

This 107-room, 5-star hotel welcomes business and leisure travelers with a private beach, a marina, and a full-service spa. 

This resort is ideal for a romantic getaway. 

With breathtaking panoramic views, pretty sunsets and a laid-back atmosphere, the Raa Atoll in the Maldives is a great place for couples to unwind. 

Add to this the luxuries of Kudafushi and you're in for a special holiday!

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