Make an unforgettable experience at Brennia Kottefaru


Brennia Kottefaru, a secluded realm lying pristine within the foam of Raa Atoll, is an island with spacious beach and over-water villas and suites protruding from its sandy shores and the aqua tinted ocean surrounding it.

Brennia Kottefaru offers over ten different types of villas and suites, a total of 106 land villas and 84 over-water villas. Settle yourself on the island or on the beach in one of their garden or beach villas. And for those who enjoy the serene sensation and sound of the waves, experience their spacious and welcoming water villas and suites with their majestic ocean views. 

Brennia Kottefaru offers the chance for all guests to have the best time while they are residing at Brennia.  Enjoy a regular lineup of local and international talents with resident performers, entertainers and DJs, from quiet relaxing evenings under the starlit skies, to the sounds of a symphony, to the fun vibes at the dance club. 

One of the things to be highlighted for those who travel and wish to be active while vacationing, then do not worry. Brennia Kottefaru offers tennis courts and futsal courts for you to be active in. 
Their court is fully equipped to play a game including night lights and the guests have access to the court from 7am to 11pm.  The guests are advised to bring their own sports shoes as sports shoes are mandatory. 

After a session that would pump you up and increase your adrenaline then you can relax by the pool with a drink ... 


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