Sun Island Resort & Spa recives International Award for Enviromental Excellence



Sun Island Resort & Spa has won the prestigious International Environmental Green Key Award. The Green Key is an international eco-label which is awarded to businesses that fulfill a list of environmental and social requirements. Winning Green Key demonstrates the Sun Island Resort's efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible atmosphere in the island.

Speaking on the achievement, the General Manager of Sun Island Resort & Spa has taken this opportunity to extend his gratitude and appreciation to the whole team of Sun Island who have tirelessly worked hard to achieve the milestone and ultimately winning the prestigious award. 


Set on one of the largest Maldivian Islands and home to a thriving biodiversity and marine life, Sun Island Resort & Spa is a luxury eco-resort where natural beauty meets vibrant interior design and luxurious indoor-outdoor living spaces.  Nestled by lush coconut palms, this Maldivian paradise invites you to experience warm hospitality and an abundance of opportunity and unprecedented privacy to reconnect with nature.


Sun Island Resort & Spa is home to a lush tropical environment with extensive botanical gardens which produce more than 20000 coconuts per month as well as a wide variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs which are picked and freshly served in the resort’s restaurants. 

Sun Island provides a sanctuary for various migratory birds that take shelter within the dense tropical vegetation. Guests can enjoy the sweet sounds of the tropical birds while rejuvenating and being at one with nature.


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