Enjoy the ultimate luxury Grill Experience in Maldives


Bandos Island Resort is a picture perfect paradise resort in Maldives hidden away from life's everyday stresses. The clear blue water, vibrant plant life and white sandy beaches create an immediate feeling of tranquility.

Bandos Maldives has announced the opening of a luxurious Grill Bar in Maldives!
The friendly and attentive staff at Bandos that are trained to provide excellence in service are all set and ready to serve you a wide range of flavorful meats and seafood with homemade sauces in this sumptuous diner.

The warm ambiance and the lavish interior design of the Grill bar at Bandos is the perfect combination of rustic yet contemporary topped off with a gorgeous overwater deck and a breathtaking view of the majestic stingrays dance for you in the sea.

The variety of dishes served in the Grill Bar will make your mouth water from the aromas until the delightful meal is a savory memory you would not want to forget. From Australian cha-grilled rib-eye steak to Seafood platters with delicious Maldivian lobster, tiger prawns, calamari, and reef fish, our Grill Bar offers a rich variety of meat ready for you to indulge in.

An unforgettable dining experience awaits you!

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