A getaway for your soul at Oaga Art Resort Maldives!

A contemporary Maldivian brand, Oaga Art Resort ensures that your getaway makes your heart happier by elevating the collective tale of the Maldives islands while incorporating the talents of local artists and craftsmen. For centuries, it has been customary to greet travelers to one's island with 'Aanlheoa,' exclaimed with open hearts. At Oaga, it is all about feeling and being in the moment, through authentic and close-to-home hospitality. 

The experience at Oaga is distinguishable owing to the unique experiences it offers to visitors by embracing art elements. Situated in North Male' atoll and accessible 45 minutes by Speedboat from the Airport, here is what you can experience while you stay at Oaga Art Resort.

1. Creative Expression Through Art

At Oaga, they firmly believe that art is a creative expression of one's internal and external emotions. Painting, finger painting, or even doodling are all ways for you to express yourself through art at the resort. During your stay, you can join Oaga's in-residence artists for guided creativity sessions from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily, which will help you reconnect with your inner being.

2. Taking Musical Notes

You can explore the dancey melodies playing in your head while relaxing, recharging, and celebrating at Oaga Resort. You can learn some basics from Oaga's in-house artists everyday from 11 a.m to 12.p.m and jam to your own tempo. You might even come across a melody that inspires you to compose your own!

3. Bonfire Tales

At sundown on Tuesdays, you can join Oaga's best performers and artists around a hearty bonfire amidst laughter and smiles. While they showcase their adventure stories and talents, this is your chance to share your own stories and adventures.

4. Suvasthi Retail Gallery 

Oaga Art Resort has included an art gallery in their Veyoge Gallery Pool Villas, something that has never been executed before in Maldives. The exquisite collection is displayed beautifully on the walls of these villas, commencing with nearly 40 local artists and totaling 161 artworks. The mediums used include a variety of methods such as mixed media, collage, resin, watercolor, digital illustrations, and many more, resulting in a stunning collection that is easily accessible to all guests who visit the resort.

5. Picture-Perfect Picnic

Sometimes all you need is a little peace and a change of scenery. Guests at Oaga can unwind with a private picnic set up by the pool, complete with a hearty picnic basket. The colors, the vibe, and the overall feeling will make you want to capture a photo, share it with your loved ones and wish to stay in this peaceful moment forever. 

6. Water Ventures

A getaway is all about getting an adrenaline rush and having a good time. The resort offers a variety of activities for guests seeking adventure and true euphoria. In addition to the numerous motorized and non-motorized water sports available, the All-Inclusive package of Oaga includes trips to beautiful adjacent islands.

7. Oaga's Float-stagram

With aesthetically pleasing content trending on Instagram, the aesthetic assorted variety of yummy snacks delivered to your private pool will elevate your mood. This will allow you to snap the best vacation photos while also satisfying your tummy.

8. Hoba Spa

Hoba spa, with its distinct community healing vibe, is a place where you can experience the simplicity, warmth, and energy of the island lifestyle. During your getaway, bring transformation, reconnection, and balance to your body, mind, and soul by exploring the ancient Maldivian medicinal traditions known as Dhivehi beys. It incorporates time-honored traditions and healing practices that fulfill all intentions and desires while enhancing natural beauty and revitalizing the vital essence within. This includes fascinating one-of-a-kind experiences like "Sandhu Moon therapies," which were inspired by Maldivian practices and rituals that used moon phases and energies to create medicinal massages and elixirs. Moreover, by participating in "Hoba Dhulhaheyo" activities such as meditation, yoga, pilates, and sound healing baths, your vacation will be a true journey of relaxing your mind, body, and soul.

Explore all the ways that art can soothe your soul and make your holidays unique with Oaga Art Resort experiences this 2023.

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