Get Hooked on to Serenity at Finolhu Maldives

In translation Finolhu means “sandbank”.

Opened in 2016, Finolhu is one of the best beach resorts in Maldives. It stretches across four islands and its beaches are about two kilometres long. 

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Tropical plants line the sandy paths of the main island like in a botanical garden. 

As a guest in Finolhu you immerse yourself in different worlds, and not just underwater. With its 125 private villas and four restaurants, the resort is as varied as the coral landscape of Baa Atoll.

Those looking for tranquillity can surrender to the music of the waves and the turquoise blue of the sea. 

In the evening, take a stroll across the sandbank to the Crab Shack and enjoy the sunset with drinks and snacks and that Robinson Crusoe feeling – highly instagrammable. 

Those who – like dolphins – prefer doing things as a family or group can create an eventful day for themselves, including diving, snorkeling or a trip by boat or catamaran. 

Or what about a casual evening at one of the parties by the pool bar? Cara Delivingne and Paris Hilton have already been there. 

Yes, Finolhu is definitely a place for individuals, but its fascination has side effects. 

After your holiday on Finolhu you’ll probably have difficulty getting used to ordinary everyday life again!

To book your stay at Finolhu, contact Capital Travel and Tours.

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