Overwater Comfort at Amari Havodda

Capital Travel and Tours invites you to experience an exquisitely designed over water villa in Amari Havodda. 

The Complete Experience in Amari Havodda Maldive's Overwater Villa

The Overwater Villas at Amari Havodda are perched on stilts above the ocean with a view you’ll find enchanting and spectacular. 

You’ll be able to dive into crystal waters or share an intimate alfresco meal on your private deck. 

Step inside to an understated elegant space, where an inviting king bed, outdoor covered bath area and sophisticated technology have thoughtfully been put in place for you to discover paradise, to uncover heaven on earth.

To find out more about booking your stay at the Overwater Villas of Amari Havodda get in touch with Capital Travel and Tours.

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