Dream Beyond Luxury - Velaa Private Island

Velaa Private Island is the realization of a dream to create a ‘beyond luxury’ exclusive boutique hideaway. 

This unique destination was developed to embody the very best of this unique archipelago, bathed by azure skies in the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean.

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Developed to embody the very best of the Maldives, it shares its name with the generations of turtles that have made their home on its beautifully pure sandy shores. 

Uniquely secluded and stunningly designed, celebrating the hospitality and generosity of the Maldivian people, Velaa Private Island provides calm for the mind, nourishment for the body and memories for the heart.

Velaa Private Island has been designed and curated with privacy and comfort as the guiding principles while allowing the Indian Ocean to take center stage. 

At one with nature, each of the private retreats is built using local materials, combining contemporary flourishes with interiors designed for sensory exploration.

Velaa Private Island is truly a Maldives luxury retreat offering an astonishingly good restaurant, private pools, white sand beaches, and a range of activities, including tennis, golf and watersports.

To book your stay at Velaa Private Island, contact Capital Travel and Tours.

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