Premium Beach Villas in Bandos Maldives!



Elegantly tucked amongst the lush tropical greenery on the white sandy beaches of Bandos Maldives are Villas that promise a fusion between Maldivian Architecture and Modern Luxury.

These Premium Beach Villas are stylishly designed duplex rooms with chic interiors topped off with an open air jetted tub offering the ultimate rejuvenating experience. The spacious villas feature a balcony overseeing astounding turquoise lagoons that the Maldives is famous for.


With whitewashed interiors and modern furnishings, the villas sit perfectly in harmony with the natural environment, making it the perfect holiday accommodation. 

In the seclusion of your Premium Beach Villas, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, the open-air jetted tub with its little hut is designed for your relaxation and enjoyment. 

Located ten minutes away from the Velana International Airport, Bandos Maldives became a tourist resort on 10th December 1972 with 28 rooms and was the second resort to be opened in Maldives. Currently, Bandos Maldives has an over 215 rooms, sumptuous dining options and a variety of leisure options making it a perfect setting for a romantic getaway or peaceful escape from the busy world


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